Put Health Care Choice on the Colorado November Ballot

If you could have voted against ObamaCare, would you? 

ObamaCare is now the law of the land across the nation.  If you live in Colorado and want to create a health care oasis here in our state, join me and hundreds of other volunteers who are collecting signatures to put the Colorado Right to Health Care Choice on the Colorado November 2010 ballot.  But we need your help now… 120,000 signatures must be collected before August 2, 2010.

To join the cause and get this initiative on the November ballot, go to www.SaveHealthCareChoice.org and register.  We will send you an email with further instructions.  This is the brightest opportunity we have, the window is short, and we must act now. 

Hear a podcast from the author of the initiative himself, Jon Caldara, president of the Independence Institute, as he explains more details and why he was motivated to write it:  Colorado Right to Health Care Choice Ballot Amendment Clarification


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