Pray for the Gulf Coast Region

Remember those in the Gulf Coast who are being hit hard by the April 20, 2010 BP explosion and oil spill.  As politicized as some have made the spill, there are thousands of people who have been hit hard directly by this, and the human, economic, and environmental damages will continue to escalate into unknown and gargantuous proportions. 

Eleven lives were lost in the original explosion.  Sinced then, livelihoods have been lost, local economies have stopped, and unknown environmental impacts are just beginning.  This spill will not only affect those along the Gulf Coast, but its effects will “trickle up” into the rest of the nation. 

The following Gulf Coast governors have issued prayer proclamations and are calling for a day of prayer this Sunday, June 27.  Within their proclamations, some of the governors have articulated well the very specific needs and impacts. 

Thanks to WallBuilders for alerting via email these proclamations today.  May God bless and restore those directly impacted by the spill.

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