First the Prez, now the Veep… Minds on Parade

This quote from the founder and CEO of Hobby Lobby, David Green, from his book, “More Than a Hobby:”    

“Language is the expression of thought.  Every time you speak, your mind is on parade.  Keep it clean.” 

Both the President and the Vice President’s minds have been on parade lately, and the crass floats streaming out of their mouths are less than impressive.  Obviously, when confronted with either a national crisis or just an ordinary, opinionated American, neither the President nor the Vice President has any higher thoughts than the 3-letter reference to hind-ends. 

First, the President… desperately trying to sound tough in a national crisis:

And now, the Vice President defensively in response to a business owner who tells him to lower taxes.

Alas… these are the highest expressions of thought the leaders of the free world can publicly spout. 

And just what do the floats in their mind parades reveal?  Pompous, juvenile weakness. 

Think their tough talk is scaring our real enemies?

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