Push Back on Obamacare in Colorado – Vote YES on Amendment 63

On election day, Colorado voters have a golden opportunity to vote for freedom and push back against ObamaCare.  Amendment 63 will give Colorado citizens freedom of health care choice in this new freedom-choking ObamaCare nation. 


From the www.Amendment63.org website, here’s what a YES vote will do for Colorado:

  • Guarantees that the State of Colorado cannot force you to join a health plan, or force you to buy health coverage you may not want, from a corporation you do not like, at a price you cannot afford.
  • Guarantees your right to spend your money on the legal health care you need.
  • Guarantees that the state will not spend your Colorado tax dollar enforcing any program that contravenes these rights.

Go to the Amendment63 website and learn more.  Everything the amendment does for freedom is clearly explained.  Myths from the left are disspelled and the facts are presented. 

Then vote YES on Amendment 63. 

Opportunities like this don’t show up on the ballot every election. 

Empower yourself.  Empower Colorado. 

Push back against ObamaCare.


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