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Glenn Beck & Mom4Freedom ~ Photo by Paul d DeBerjeois ~

I had the privilege of meeting Glenn Beck at the Constitution Challenge Rally in Colorado Springs this past Tuesday, October 26th.  Even though my meeting with him was only for a few minutes, I was very impressed with the person I met in Glenn. I watched him interact with people and got to talk briefly to him myself.  He took a lot of time and sincere interest with each person he met, which he did likewise with me.    

Then we all got to listen to and watch him on stage.  WOW.  If you missed it, I highly recommend catching up with him another time.  His connection with American history and current events, and his ability to clearly bring it to his audience is unmatched.  We need more like him, it’s the same spirit within him that will save this greatest of all nations.    

This event centered around the primary reason our nation has drifted away from founding principles.  It’s because we have not been educated in them.  The organizers are using the event proceeds to fund development of The Constitution Challenge, a curriculum designed to ground school aged children in our nation’s founding principles.    

The Constitution Challenge is exactly where we need to go with our founding principles: to our youth.  Our freedom and our nation depend on it.  I will update here on my blog as I learn more about the curriculum status.   

Here’s more information on The Constitution Challenge:    

The Constitution Challenge is a multi-tiered educational curriculum that will use dramatized historical vignettes and a vibrantly fact-based approach to reacquaint American students with the beauty and complexity of our most important founding document.  In collaboration with renowned Constitutional scholar, Stephen Pratt, authors Shad Olson and Zach Lautenschlager hope to create a work of lasting importance that will successfully marry the rollicking adventure tale quality of America’s earliest days, with the soul-searching intensity applied by the men who wrote the U.S. Constitution.  Combined with an after school quiz bowl activity, and a  similar study course geared to adult students in small group or Sunday school settings, the developers hope to bring the ‘Challenge,’ to a national audience.  Large scale rallies in multiple cities with conservative radio host, Glenn Beck will serve as the rollout of the Challenge concept and offer funding opportunities to formulate the product.    

“After five decades of cultural dominance by the secular-socialist agenda, people who are products of America’s public schools are largely unaware of what is unique about the origins of our American freedom, and what will replace it if we allow it to be taken from us,”  Shad Olson said.      

“It’s our belief that students given proper instruction about the nature and basis of our founding will find it impossible to avoid an increased appreciation for the liberties we enjoy, and we believe that understanding will translate into a cultural shift of priority, time and attention.”    

With numerous surveys indicating a pervasive lack of knowledge on even the most basic facts of American history, ‘Challenge,’ author and Tea Party Alliance President, Shad Olson, says allowing that ignorance to persist only deepens America’s vulnerabilities to elected leaders who value political ambition far more than their responsibility of protecting and upholding the Constitution.  Presenting a rigorous learning opportunity from a Christian perspective is the goal of the project.      

“Instilling a deeper love for liberty is the surest way to produce citizens who know how to hold their leadership accountable according to what the Constitution says they can and cannot do,”  Olson said.    

“The time is long overdue to begin an effort such as this.”    

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Wilson Baird Communications, the Shad Olson Show, and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners for the opportunity to assist promoting this event.  It was great getting to know these visionary organizers and be a part of their very successful event.  Thank you very much, it was an honor to help and be part of your very important curriculum kick-off.  ~ Michelle   

The Mom4Freedom table at the Beck event

Mom4Freedom and Tonya Hall (from The Tonya Hall Show 1300am) ~ Thanks for everything Tonya!

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