"Please douse the doobies" – Pot Smoke Inside the Colorado Senate Chamber



Pot is now legal in Colorado.  Apparently there’s no stipulation forbidding its use and consumption within our State Capitol, as Wednesday the smell of pot overwhelmed the Senate chamber.

From 7NEWS – “Strong smell of marijuana reported inside Colorado Capitol Wednesday morning:”

The entire Senate chamber smelled like marijuana, said Doug Schepman, communications director for the Senate Democrats.

“It wasn’t like a car just passing by and catching a whiff,” said Schepman. “It was bad.”

Now that’s a classy joint.  <Sarcastic pun intended – with eyeroll.>  

Colorado’s only beginning to get what it voted for by legalizing pot, and will continue to get more than it ever intended.


Update to original post:  In a more humorous spirit of the topic, looks like this non-pot-smoking blogger needs to pull out her urban dictionary.  7News originally spelled the term “doubies,” and in name of pulling direct quotes and as one who presumed it must be some kind of pot culture-specific spelling, this blogger originally copied 7News’ spelling in this post title.  A friendly reader quickly informed me that it is in fact spelled “doobies,” which is what I would have used had I been asked this in the local spelling bee.  Even 7News must have gotten the memo, as their article also spells it “doobies” now.  🙂


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