Pastor of Mega Church Pimps his Daughter for Over 5 Years, NEVER Gets Caught – PART 1 with Grace


This is the true story about sex trafficking of American children, which must finally be heard and understood by every good American with conscience.  You will learn what sex trafficking really looks like:  a quiet, unseen, and burgeoning business that’s enslaving and torturing beautiful, everyday American kids from every zip code.  In part, it’s happening because few speak of it or even bother to hear about it.  Our goal with this show is to open up this tough conversation, so that this evil amongst us can be effectively combatted.

Meet Grace.  From ages 5-10, Grace’s father sold her repeatedly to men who raped her.  Grace’s father was a prominent member of his large metropolitan community, and he was a renowned pastor within a nationwide mega church that still exists today.  To this day, neither her father nor his associates have ever been caught.  This is not a post intended to ding churches, but as Grace explains in  detail, they are a great place for predators and pimps to hide.  In Part 1 of our conversation with Grace, you will get answers to questions like these:

  • How does a nationally renowned pastor of a mega-church successfully sell his young daughter – an honor student who had perfect school attendance – to men for rape, in plain sight, without ever getting caught during his entire life?
  • Why wouldn’t a child disclose to her own mother the fact that she was being raped and sodomized every weekend?
  • How does a trafficker (i.e., a pimp) keep an adult silent for decades about the constant rape, torture, and abuse that he inflicted upon her as a child?
  • How does someone overcome being trafficked as a child, and grow into a successful adult?
  • How does a reputable organization such as a mega church facilitate trafficking of children?
  • What made Grace go the “straight and narrow” way into her adulthood, rather than turn back into the stability provided by the world of being trafficked?
  • How can mental health professionals actually make worse the plight of trafficking survivors?
  • How do you know if a non-profit anti-trafficking organization is legitimately functioning as it purports to be and is free from corruption?

Listen to Part 1 of Grace’s story with Baz, Jason, and me.  To protect Grace’s identity, her voice has been altered.  This conversation is graphic and not suitable for young audiences.  Parental discretion is strongly advised:

We can’t learn about trafficking of children from a book…. and Big Media will never tell us any of this.  To really know, we must learn from an expert like Grace who has been boots on the ground and lived it.  Please share Grace’s story via this post, so that there is a chance of rescuing current victims, and so that you can take steps to protect your own children and grandchildren from this evil.

Stay tuned for Part 2 with Grace…

3 Responses to Pastor of Mega Church Pimps his Daughter for Over 5 Years, NEVER Gets Caught – PART 1 with Grace

  1. DC March 4, 2020 at 4:59 am #

    I learned that Baz will be coming to my children’s school in Falcon, and thought I’d check out what he does. Incredible individual and thankful for what he’s doing.
    This story is heart-wrenching and saddening. I have 7 kids and couldn’t fathom a father, a so-called man of faith could do something like this. Very disturbing. The innocence of a child lost. He and his associates will get what’s coming, hopefully here on earth but no doubt God will take ultimate vengeance. This story has me boiling, saddened, and extremely concerned. I want to do my part.

  2. Michelle Morin March 4, 2020 at 1:10 pm #

    DC – Thank you for reaching out, and for your convictions and enthusiasm to research and seek a way to do your part. I’m trying to figure out my own part in all this myself. I look forward to seeing you at the 3/14 event. Together we will figure out how to move forward and combat this horror against our kids. Blessings. ~ Michelle

  3. Bazzel Baz March 4, 2020 at 2:22 pm #

    I look forward to meeting anyone who is ready to “do their part” in saving our children from this evil we called child exploitation. I am prepared to train up an army of Colorado’s best citizens so we can send a message that any child that comes to live in our state will never have to fear for their safety and that any perpetrator that threatens our children incur the wrath of our citizens to fullest extent of the law.

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