The Michelle Morin Show 2/4/17 – Colorado Springs, the Most Socialist City in America???

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Don Rodgers joins my show tonight to tell you what nobody else will tell you:  “We’re gonna make Colorado Springs the most socialist city in the country!” say local activists who are targeting the Colorado Springs’ City Council elections for a leftist transformation and turn over our property rights to the “community.”  Plus, the FISA Memo and my response to Trump’s State of the Union….

Segment 1:  Don Rodgers introduces the highly organized and motivated movement that’s working hard to turn Colorado Springs into the most socialist city in the nation.  The movement has culminated into a very sweet-sounding name, “Together for Colorado Springs”. 

Segment 2:  Don shares how organized leftists in Colorado Springs flip their narrative based upon who’s reading their websites.

Segment 3:  Don details how the growing homeless problem in Colorado Springs is a tough and legitimate issue, but which the left is using to fundamentally transform our property rights into “community property” for homeless campuses.  It’s already happening in Lakewood, Colorado!    

Segment 4:  Antifa and communists get violent against each other at Colorado State University on Friday night, when Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk was speaking.  Plus, the FISA Memo….

Segment 5:  The left is reeling about the FISA Memo:  “Our democracy is under siege!  People need to start taking to the streets!  This is a dictator!”  “This is a bogus memo!”  “It’s like Putin gave Donald Trump the script on which to move forward on this crazy memo!”  Find out who said these things in Segment 5….

Segment 6:   My response to President Trump’s State of the Union, along with Don and Jason’s thoughts.

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