CO Senator Kent Lambert joins the Michelle Morin Show 2-11-2018

Microphone for MM Show

What’s all the fuss about defunding the Colorado Civil Rights Commission???  Colorado State Senator Kent Lambert from the Joint Budget Committee joins the show tonight to clarify.

Segment 1:  Did the Colorado GOP defund the state Civil Rights Commission last week?  Senator Lambert explains after he honors fallen El Paso County Sheriff Deputy Micah Flick, in addition to all of our law enforcement officers.

Segment 2:  Is the Civil Rights Commission a panel of unbiased individuals who have ALL citizens’ civil rights at heart?  Does the GOP want to nix the Colorado Civil Rights Commission?

Segment 3:  Senator Lambert assesses the December 2017 Supreme Court oral arguments in the Masterpiece Cake Shop case against Jack Phillips, and how SCOTUS might affect the CO Civil Rights Commission going forward.

Segment 4:  North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un’s little Vice-Director-of-the-Workers’-Party-of-Korea-Propaganda-and-Agitation-Department sister is being paraded as “North Korea’s Ivanka” by Big Media, but why???

Segment 5:  El Paso County Colorado Deputy Micah Flick’s widow Rachael is an amazing woman, I would even consider her a hero, listen to find out why.  Plus, Jason and I introduce a new weekly segment that’s going to unshroud the victim blaming and eye-turning regarding legitimate yet silenced sexual abuse victims as we open up the #MeToo conversation.  We’re going to do our part to bring our cultural conversations and awareness up to speed with the broad level of perversion that has overcome our culture.  As Jason says, It should be more uncomfortable NOT to talk about it than to talk about it!   


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