The Michelle Morin Show 1/21/2018

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Here’s my 1/21/2018 show, plus this week’s links.

Segment 1:  President Trump’s first year, my list of favorites might be a little different than most.


Segment 2:  To mark Trump’s one year inaugural anniversary, the Women’s March was at it again, complete with their hat-cats and “thought-provoking” signage.  And back in 2013 when the GOP was shutting down the government, Democrats Schumer and Pelosi told us that shutting down the government is “political idiocy,” “unthinkable,” and would cause “governmental chaos.”  


Segment 3:  California’s Attorney General threatens to criminally prosecute anyone who assists ICE with deportations.  Did you know that Denver Mayor Michael Hancock has already done the same with his government employees?  And Colorado Democrats have put a Grocery Bag Tax on the November ballot so that we can pay for other folks’ dream homes (i.e., “affordable housing”).  Plus, more about the 4-page FISA memo that MUST be exposed.


Source links from my show and other news, including many that that Big Media won’t tell you about:

California’s Attorney General threatens to prosecute anyone who assists ICE with deportation measures

Illegal alien cop-killer tells judge he wished he’d killed more of those “m-f-ers”

Denver’s sanctuary city status penalizes government employees who assist ICE

Colorado lawmakers – including a GOP lawmaker-  want to issue more drivers licenses to illegals in 2018


Colorado Democrats add the Grocery Bag Tax to the 2018 November ballot…. for “affordable housing”

And why “affordable housing” is their big lie


Women’s March photos – Las Vegas

And more from the women’s marches, if you can stomach the lunacy


7 Things to know about government shutdowns

Who is to blame for this government shutdown?

In true leftist form, Bernie Sanders can’t recall his quote about government shutdowns


The House passes pro-life bill protecting babies born alive during botched abortions

President Trump is first President to address the March for Life


Republicans have 4 easy ways to #ReleaseTheMemo, they are frauds and cowards if they don’t


Pentagon confirms that Russia is developing nuclear submersible torpedo

Pentagon:  Counter cyber-attacks with nuclear counter-attacks


College course attacks heterosexual masculinity

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