The Michelle Morin Show 1/14/2018

Microphone for MM Show

Here are the podcasts from my 1/14/2018 show…..

Segment 1:  The “S—hole” allegation continues to dominate the big media airwaves by design, and Jason explains why some big media outlets say the whole bad word and why others bleep it out.


Segment 2:  One leftist accuser with a history of lies versus two witnesses who say Trump didn’t say it, and Racism Bandwagon that’s now been birthed.  As usual, some opportunist lawmakers in the GOP are jumping on that same bandwagon.


Segment 3:  Wrap-up on the S—hole fiasco, social media sites “shadow ban” us, and the sad news that a local cannabis club is hosting open sex parties in Colorado Springs.

Links to things I talked about, plus a few more that Big Media won’t tell you about:  

Hawaii endures a false incoming missile threat, a civil defense employee pushed the wrong button

Project Veritas uncovers Twitter’s methods to “ban a way of talking”

Facebook can track you using dust on your camera lens

Colorado Springs cannabis club hosts routine sex parties resembling brothels

Lindsey Graham publicly called Mexico a “hellhole” in 2013, and nobody cared

And Obama called Libya a “shit show” because of its “obdurate power of tribalism”, and nobody cared

San Francisco now offers an online poop-map so walkers may avoid stepping in human feces

Popular male singer won’t kiss a transgender, launches the leftist online lynch mob

Men wearing skirts?  No, not kilts.  Skirts.  

Trump is slashing 47% of the Environmental Protection Agency, employees have low morale

Venezuelans ambush and brutally kill another man’s cow for food, eat cats off the streets, because Socialism is so great

Google is now doing you the favor of “fact-checking” conservative sites, liberal sites are exempt

“Meritocracy” in math class is a “tool of white supremacy,” so says college professor

Jordan captures ISIS cell plotting massive terror attack as VP Pence prepares to arrive

Cliven Bundy standoff case thrown out, judge cites “flagrant misconduct” by prosecutors and FBI

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