Candace Owens joins the Michelle Morin Show 1/28/2018

Candace Owens

The fabulous, intelligent, conservative, millennial, female, black commentator Candace Owens joins me tonight to promote and invite you to the Boulder County GOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner taking place on Saturday 2/3/2018.    Turning Point USA’s own Charlie Kirk will be the keynote speaker.  For tickets, go to

Listen to this Special Edition of the Michelle Morin Show to meet Candace and learn more….

Segment 1:  Candace used to be Jay-Z’s biggest fan, but not anymore!  Listen to Jay-Z emote about how minorities don’t really care about increased opportunity from President Trump’s improved economy, then wait for Candace to rip up his lies.  


Segment 2:  Hollywood’s spoiled elites will be hosting their own “People’s State of the Union” on Monday night, and Candace previews her next YouTube video response.  Plus, Candace shares her inspirational story of how she rose up from a struggling, low-income liberal into a successful conservative commentator.  


Segment 3:  Candace responds to the raunchy Guggenheim golden toilet offer to the Trumps, and to Hillary’s latest video proclaiming her thanks to “activist bitches supporting bitches.”  No, I’m not kidding, listen for yourself.  

Now you know why you want to attend Boulder County GOP’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner on Saturday, 2/3.

Find and follow Candace on Twitter at @RealCandaceO or on Facebook at @RealCandaceOwens.

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