Trump is Whooping Big Evil on the World Stage in a Short Time Like Nobody I’ve Seen Yet – The Michelle Morin Show 5/11/2018 Part 1

Trump and 3 NK Prisoners

Who kills the Iraninan nuclear deal, arrests the Top 5 Most Wanted ISIS leaders, welcomes home 3 American prisoners from North Korea, and presides over a raging economy, all in the same week?   President Donald Trump, that’s who.  This man has accomplished more for good in the world in …

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The Michelle Morin Show 1/14/2018

Microphone for MM Show

Here are the podcasts from my 1/14/2018 show….. Segment 1:  The “S—hole” allegation continues to dominate the big media airwaves by design, and Jason explains why some big media outlets say the whole bad word and why others bleep it out.   Segment 2:  One leftist accuser with a history …

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