Colorado Democrats Passed 460 Bills in the 2019 Session, Which Were the Worst?

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Did you know that the Colorado Democrats passed 460 bills during the 2019 legislative session???  What’s worse, is Republicans supported 96% of them!  I filled in for the Richard Randall Show on Wednesday 1/15/2020 to talk about it.  Jason co-hosted with me,  joined by Baz and a full lineup of local callers to talk about the egregious damages that the Democrats have been imposing upon Coloradans.

Baz ended up sharing some brand new insights about the Red Flag law, Colorado’s “Bad Actor” Governor Polis, and how Polis and Friends are functioning as an organized crime group, essentially legalizing hearsay to form search parties which intend to unlawfully enter our homes and seize our private property.  What???  You read that right, it turns out the Red Flag law is violating more rights than we originally thought and it inherently promotes barbaric concepts against We the People.  The whole conversation got our resident socialist worked up enough to call in and try to challenge Baz’s facts.  You don’t want to miss that interchange, the Socialist vs the American Marine CIA War Hero Child Rescuer… as you can guess, the socialist didn’t fare so well.

Listen here:

Polis and Friends are pretty much burning our state down with their multitude of Marxist bills against prosperity, individual rights, and our Constitutional Republic.  We ran out of time on the air to discuss all of the worst bills – there are just so many.  And there are even more coming at us in this current 2020 legislative session.  You and I must stay informed to know what they’re doing to us, so that we can turn back this freedom-choking tide.  Because Big Media won’t tell you about all this, I will be sharing those with you right here in upcoming shows.  Stay tuned….. we’ll always tell you what Big Media won’t.




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