Funding the Education System is an Economic Imperative – Really???

Below is President Obama’s weekly address video from October 9, 2010.  It’s titled, “Strengthening Education, Not Cutting It.”  According to the President, American jobs, opportunity, and prosperity all depend upon the quality of education received in America.  It all sounds good.  (Gosh, be careful or you just may find yourself ready to believe him.) 

He begins his speech with a typical “heartfelt” story and dramatic effect of a man in Albuquerque who asks the President, “If we don’t have homes to go to, what good is an education?”  He builds his premise that American jobs are wholly dependent upon quality of education.  I’ve pulled just a few of the President’s quotes (in orange) and written a few comments below each:

“All that really matters is a new job … a roof over your head … getting back on your feet.”

 Well, yes… that’s all that matters when you’re unemployed.  And exactly how does this directly relate to education, other than the fact that the President must open with a purely emotional and dramatic appeal? 

“When it comes to jobs, opportunity, and prosperity in the 21st century, nothing is more important than the quality of your education.”

This is his entire premise, and it is wrong.  When it comes to jobs, opportunity, and prosperity in any century, nothing is more important than free citizens who are unbound by government regulation and legislation that kill business and productivity, and who are not choked by excessive tax burdens.  And nothing hinders a quality education like a regulated system such as Obama seeks to feed and control.  A truly free market provides an environment whereby a free people can educate themselves beyond any limits set by a government budget.     

“Giving our kids the best education possible is an economic imperative.” 

Translation:  “Indoctrinating our kids from within the most centralized, government-controlled system is an economic imperative to fulfilling the Marxist agenda.  

Here’s the truth:  Protecting an economic system (ie, capitalism) that allows all citizens the opportunities presented by a free market, one unhindered and uncontrolled by government intervention… that’s the economic imperative that will foster the best educations possible for our kids.   

“We’ve been fighting to offer every child in this country a world class education from the cradle to the classroom.”

Translation:  “From cradle to classroom, we’ve been fighting to force every child into a system that indoctrinates away from America’s founding principles.  Start ’em early.” 

“I announced a new Skills for America’s Future Initiative that will help community colleges and employers match what’s taught in the classrooms with what’s needed in the private sector so we can connect students looking for jobs with businessses looking to hire.” 

Since when did a free-market government become an employment agency?  Oh, that’s right… when it’s not a free market anymore!  In a truly free market, the “match” between curriculum and the private sector takes care of itself.  Obama’s controlling hand stifles any thriving connection between education, the private sector, and what makes America prosper economically. 

“If Republicans in Congress had their way … we’d have had a harder time offering our kids the best education possible… because they have cut education 20%.”

Oh, those evil Republicans who just don’t know that it’s all about the children.  Cutting a failing system by 20% sounds like a smart beginning to me. 

“I’m not prepared … to short-change our children’s education … and undercut our economic future…. Nothing would be more detrimental to our prospects for success than cutting back on education.  It would consign America to second place.” 

Looks like our President needs to step into the 21st century and educate himself about the condition of American students’ test scores.  American students are not in first place anymore.  Not even close.  Check out the 2006 Program for International Student Assessment.  It’s not pretty. 

“We should be fighting to lead the global economy in this century.” 

Yes, we should be fighting to lead the global economy.  Yes, truly educating our kids is extremely critical to them as individuals and to America as citizens.  But history proves that the President’s Marxist agenda and decisions lead us down the losing path in the global economy, decisions that ultimately squelch real educational prospects, destroy free markets, and choke freedom. 

Removing federal influence and controls from the lives and minds of American children is step one to a opening up a diverse, high quality education that is necessary for every child to thrive as an individual.  Go ahead, Republicans.  Cut the education budget, and thereby strengthen education. 

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