The Attempted Soft Coup Against Trump and American Voters is Right on Schedule

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The sham Mueller investigation into the fabricated allegation of collusion between President Trump and Russia to rig the 2016 election is going exactly as the Democrats planned.  

Trump is correct, it is a “witch hunt.”  It is no secret that impeachment is the end game.  As a result of Mueller’s “Russian collusion” investigation, last week, Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted on 8 out of 18 counts of fraud, and Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen entered a plea deal with prosecutors for his testimony about Trump payments to two women, with whom he is alleged to have had affairs.  Those aren’t related at all to any alleged Russian collusion, mind you.

The attempted soft coup against our Constitutional Republic, Trump, and those of us who voted for him is right on schedule.

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Reality is, these attempts to invalidate our votes is going drain any blue wave they’re planning for.  Americans are fed up with these sleazy games against our votes and our Constitutional Republic.

Here’s the article from RedState which I reference in today’s podcast.

The Michelle Morin Show 8/25/2018


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