janak joshi

Only SOME lives matter to Colorado Democrat lawmakers

baby-head-300x300 with Colorado flag

This article has been updated since originally posted.*   Colorado Democrats in the state legislature claim to serve families ad nauseum, but the reality is they serve only a callus and brutal anti-family ideology. On 18 Feb, 2015, “a pregnant Colorado woman lost her unborn baby after a car hit …

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CO Legislators Act to Repeal State Healthcare Exchange

Joshi and Lundberg

Colorado State Representative Janak Joshi and State Senator Kevin Lundberg have introduced HB 15-1066, Repeal of Colorado’s “Health Benefit Exchange”. In the summer of 2010, Americans of every political stripe were infuriated as the Democrat controlled US Senate and House forced through Obamacare, so much so the elections of 2010 swept Democrats …

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