With Friends Like These Who Needs Enemies?

Britain has been one of our strongest allies, and has been ever since I can remember.  She is with us in war, commerce and trade, intelligence sharing, and more. 

But that “Special Relationship” between Britain and the United States, as described by Winston Churchill in 1946, will surely crumble with a US “leader” and disloyal friend like President Obama.

In a February 5, 2011 Telegraph article “WikiLeaks cables: US agrees to tell Russia Britain’s nuclear secrets” written by Matthew Moore, Gordon Rayner and Christopher Hope, we learn from London WikiLeaks Cables that President Obama has agreed to share British nuclear secrets with the Russians in exchange for securing the “New START” deal. 

From the article:

“Information about every Trident missile the US supplies to Britain will be given to Russia as part of an arms control deal signed by President Barack Obama next week.

The fact that the Americans used British nuclear secrets as a bargaining chip also sheds new light on the so-called “special relationship”, which is shown often to be a one-sided affair by US diplomatic communications obtained by the WikiLeaks website.

Defence analysts claim the agreement risks undermining Britain’s policy of refusing to confirm the exact size of its nuclear arsenal.”

 So, not only is our President systematically and fundamentally transforming our nation into a socialist failure and economic disaster, he is simultaneously breaking critical ties with our closest friend, thereby  assuring we will stand alone as a weak and irrelevant force in an increasingly very dangerous world. 

Making deals with communists is foolish, see my post on it here.  But sharing your best friend’s defense secrets with communists is asinine and reveals even more of the paltry character leading this greatest of all nations. 

It’s a sad day that a loyal friend like Britain can rightly ask about us now:  “With friends like this, who needs enemies?”

2012 can’t get here soon enough…

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