Starbucks Alleged Racist Arrest is Really about their “No Purchase, No Restroom” Policy – The Michelle Morin Show 4/22/2018 Part 2

starbucks arrest

Starbucks scrambles to save face, closing all stores on May 29th for mandatory “Unconscious Bias Training” to prove they aren’t racist towards 2 black men who were arrested in a Philadelphia store for trespassing.   Turns out, the employee who called police about the trespassers was only following company policy.  Said policy which was changed shortly after the arrest turned into a racist-opportunity-show.

Meanwhile, Starbucks has got bigger problems on its hands:  just today it’s reported that a woman found a hidden camera in a Starbucks bathroom which has been recording folks doing their bathroom thing.  And a comedian easily finagles free coffee from a Starbucks employee because, “Black Lives Matter, Justice, and Reparations!”

It’s all here on Segment 2:  

I’ve had enough Starbucks’ feigned piety and leftist political activism, I’ll be enjoying other coffee shops.  Their “unconscious bias” training is only going to cultivate the racism it is claiming to combat.  BTW, here’s the comedian’s “Reparations” video, it’s worth the view.

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