The Michelle Morin Show 4/8/2018

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They’ve always said we were ridiculous for accusing them of wanting to take our guns away, but they’re doing it in Illinois and are about to try in Colorado!  Finally, some push back against all the gun-control blather, California websites require fact-checkers, Colorado lawmakers sneaking sanctuary status, Kimmel is in the toilet, London’s knife-control measures, and much more on today’s show along with my producer Jason Hunt.

Segment 1:  “America’s Conscience” Late-night show host Jimmy Kimmel goes raunchy racist and homophobic this week against FLOTUS Melania, President Trump, and Fox News’ Sean Hannity, and his apology is even raunchier…

Segment 2:   Multiple attacks against the 2nd Amendment are occurring nationwide.  Boulder, Colorado and Deerfield, Illinois lawmakers somehow think they’re going to legally grab America’s guns, this will get interesting…..

Segment 3:  But there’s significant pushback for the 2nd Amendment nationwide, and Big Media won’t ever share these with you….

Segment 4:  Are Colorado lawmakers trying create Sanctuary Statehood???  California lawmakers want ALL internet presences to have “fact-checkers.”


As promised, here’s the full video from Segment 3, featuring North Carolina citizen Mark Robinson’s powerful speech to the Greensboro City Council:




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