2 Months Later TSA Still Hasn't Released X-Ray Inspection Reports

The unelected, unaccountable,  mammoth-sized, citizen-molesting and Constitution-violating Transportation Security Administration is not being straight with either the American public OR the very Congress that granted its position and power. 

According to USA Today’s February 9th article “‘Inexcusable’ delay on TSA body-scanner safety reports” written by Alison Young, a whopping 15 million travelers “received full-body scans at airports without any malfunctions that put travelers at risk of an excessive radiation dose.” 


Apparently they’re not handing over the proof.  According to the article:

“… the TSA has yet to release radiation inspection reports for its X-ray equipment – two months after lawmakers called for them to be made public…”

Of course, we can take the bureaucrats’ word for it, because the dose is just “tiny”:

“The TSA says the radiation dose is tiny – equivalent to what a person receives during two minutes inside an airplane at crusing altitude.” 

Yet, here’s what another government bureaucracy reports:

“… a 2008 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that found the TSA and its contractors had failed in the past to detect when some baggage X-ray machines were emitting excessive levels of radiation or had safety features that were missing or disabled.” 

Now, read my prior post “How Far Will These Hands Go?” about the real risks these machines pose to travelers.  Pay particular attention to the part where there is grave concern about leaving such adjustable machines in the hands of frustrated TSA agents who might just need a clearer image of their subjects… and who have the liberty to raise the level of radiation simply because the adjustment knob is there. 

Read my post, and then tell me why it’s taking so long for our brave new brand of national security to hand over the proof that innocent citizens aren’t getting radiated at cancer-causing levels.

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One Response to 2 Months Later TSA Still Hasn't Released X-Ray Inspection Reports

  1. Jeff Buske February 24, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

    The scanners are NOT covered by FDA and the true dose is a trade secret and hidden by “national security”. What we do know is:
    1) Machines generate VERY detailed images.
    2) Scanners have 4X zoom tool (DHS requirement).
    3) Scanners have local storage (DHS requirement).
    4) Scanners come with network connection (DHS requirement).
    5) Images may be viewed stored remotely over network.
    6) True dose is 2-20x greater.
    7) Systems operate with medium 60KV and hard x-rays 125KV. Depending on mfg.
    8) Medium x-rays absorbed primarily skin.
    9) Medium and Hard x-rays are penetrating.
    10) X-rays damage DNA
    11) Expecting mothers should avoid x-ray exposure.
    12) Young children should avoid x-ray exposure.
    13) People with BRAC1 gene should avoid x-ray exposure.
    14) Security area is radioactive from open scanners and leaking luggage equipment.
    15) No dose of x-rays are safe.
    16) Keep an eye on your personal items in security area theft is common.

    We offer undergarments that offer USA made radiation protection and privacy undergarments. Jeff Buske, Electrical Engineer, inventor, public health advocate, promoter of freedom and America’s founding principles.

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