Your Nanny and her Health Care White Board

Meet your health care czar, “Nanny Annie.”  Her name is Nancy-Ann deParle, director of the White House Office of Health Reform.  Ms. deParle is the un-elected and un-accountable top-dog ObamaCare bureaucrat, the One who will determine the value, quantity, and accessiblity of your health care. 

Today she was at the “White House White Board” demonstrating the “pretty basic concept” of the new “medical loss ratio” rule that will make a “big difference in the value of health care you get.” 

The “medical loss ratio” is the percentage your health insurance company spends on “your health care versus the spending that they have on overhead and on their executive compensation and salaries and the other things that they do.”

With her big red marker, the Nanny demonstrates that some evil insurance companies are spending only about 50% of your premium dollars on your health care, but that “the rest goes to their administrative expenses and executive compensation and salaries.”

Nanny Annie has a solution to her evil corporation crisis.  Today, the Department of Health and Human Services decreed that by 2012, if a private health insurance company doesn’t spend 80% of each dollar you give them for premiums directly on patient health care, the insurance company will “owe you money back.  They either lower your pemiums or they give you a rebate.”

Nanny Annie at the White House White Board

And the Best News… it’s All Transparent!

All of this, she says, means you as a consumer “are gonna get more value for your dollars,” and she closes with the “best news is this will be transparent.”  

Well, I’m glad it’ s going to be a transparent destruction of the private health insurance market, while we all learn the true meaning of ObamaCare’s “value for your dollar.”  

Is This Making Your Health Care System Better For You?

It’s not even 2012 yet, and here’s the “value” and “better health care system” that American patients are getting:

 As this bureaucratic, back-door price-fixing “medical loss ratio” scheme disrupts and clogs the free market of health insurance, the transparency she’s touting will reveal that the ultimate effects of ObamaCare are precisely opposite of what’s intended, and true value in health care will be an American historical phenomenon. 

The Nanny is right.  This will indeed, make a big difference in the value of health care you get.  One big devaluation.

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