What It Means to Be a Woman, from Haters Hillary and Michelle Obama – The Michelle Morin Show 5/11/2018 Part 3


It is obvious that man-hating, power-grabbing, sexists Hillary and Michelle O have some serious petty jealousy issues against smart, successful American women who think for ourselves and don’t do as we’re told.

They not only hate men, but now they hate us independent, non-conforming women, and they are actively stirring the sexist divide pot against all of us who don’t bow to their evil altars.

Listen to them both try to shame all women unless we boo-hiss and castrate those “men who fail up” and ostracize women who don’t join them, right here:

They’re like Queen Jezebel and her ugly step-sister ganging up against Cinderella.  We endured the one, and have been spared the other.  For now.

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