Phone App Captured the Top 5 ISIS Guys, While Not-so-Funny “Comedians” Blast Melania – The Michelle Morin Show 5/11/2018 Part 2


It must have been great fun capturing the Top 5 Most Wanted ISIS terrorists this week, you really want to know how it was done.  Meanwhile, raunchy not-really-comedians Colbert and Kimmel could not help themselves, but to bully Melania for her “Be Best” campaign to address, well, bullies like them.  

Hard to believe anyone would be dumb or crass enough to bust on an intelligent, strong, and gracious First Lady like Melania, who out-shines and out-speaks them with 5 languages, and who rarely, if ever, speaks a politically-charged word.

Jason and I tell you how to defeat dumb terrorist leaders with phone apps, and then we do our part to shame the classless non-comedians here… 

My note to Melania:  Ignore these non-funny people who call themselves “funny men.”  They are trash.  You are total class.  Stay at it, the world is watching and being influenced for good by your presence.

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