The REAL Green Police – This Time It's NOT a Commercial

This is where incandescent light bulbs, Audi, and Boulder, Colorado merge into the Green Police video Audi launched on Super Bowl Sunday.  

Before reading further, you must view Audi’s humorous, yet timely, Green Police advertisement , see it in my last blog post here.  In today’s Wall Street Journal, Stephanie Simon writes about this liberal fantasy coming true in “Even Boulder Finds It Isn’t Easy Going Green.”

Her article opens with this to say about Boulder, Colorado, and its efforts at going green: 

“This spring, city contractors will fan out across this well-to-do college town to unscrew light bulbs in thousands of homes and replace them with more energy-efficient models, at taxpayer expense.”

And she goes on to explain the difficulties Boulder officials are having with compliance:

“City officials never dreamed they’d have to play nanny when they set out in 2006 to make Boulder a role model in the fight against global warming.”

“What we’ve found is that for the vast majority of people, it’s exceedingly difficult to get them to do much of anything,” says Kevin Doran, a senior research fellow at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Boulder’s most logical next steps in its citizen-controlling, environmentalist utopian fantasy project couldn’t be set forth more clearly than in Audi’s commercial.  

Cue the music and get set for drama to become reality….

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