The Green Police

This is hilarious… until you stop and realize it’s a dramatic re-enactment of the type of gleeful citizen control fantasies that knock around in the liberal environmentalist mind. Some of my liberal friends may deny this type of personal intrustion as the end goal… but they can’t ever define the point at which the freedom-choking madness stops. I wonder if they can identify the point at which the enviornment is no longer “threatened?”

This from Audi for the 2010 Super Bowl…

It’s already happened here, they just don’t have the green uniforms yet…or do they? It manifests in environmental production and supply controls from unelected bureaucratic administrative offices. Makes me think of the 2.5 gallon per minute water flow restriction on my shower head… the infamous Preble mouse protection laws in Monument, Colorado forcing drivers onto lengthy routes to avoid disturbing the rodent’s habitat… and more.

It’s beyond ridiculous. But it’s the mindset we battle.

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