The Anti-Fracking Fraud – Lies That Kill Jobs, Raise Energy Prices, Choke Freedom


by Bob Adelmann


I’ve seen the film, Promised Land.

It so outraged me that I couldn’t write a review of it until I cooled down. It took me about an hour to cool down, and then I wrote this.

Gasland is even worse.

How do I know? It received an Emmy. In a particularly blatant bit of propaganda, Josh Fox, the greenie environmentalist director, shows a faucet catching fire, and then blames it on fracking. This so outraged Phelim McAleer, an Irish journalist, that he decided to do something about it. He raised some money through crowd-funding and produced FrackNation, a video production aimed directly at Gasland and exposing Fox’s lies.

His video includes a clip of a confrontation between Fox and McAleer in a public setting where McAleer challenges Fox to explain why he didn’t mention that natural gas has existed in ground water for years, if not centuries. Fox’s response: “I didn’t think it was relevant.”

John Stossel got wind of this:

Hollywood gave an Oscar [sic] to Gasland, a documentary that suggests fracking will shove gas into some people’s drinking water, so the water will burn. It’s true that some water contains so much natural gas that you can light it.

But another documentary, FrackNation, shows that gas got into plumbing long before fracking came. There’s gas in the earth. That’s why it’s called “natural gas.” Some gets into well water. Environmental officials investigated the flames shown in Gasland and concluded that the pollution had nothing to do with fracking.

But Fox is so committed to the cause – shutting fracking down entirely – that truth doesn’t matter.

Instead, Fox went after McAleer:

FrackNation director Phelim McAleer tried to confront Gasland director Josh Fox about this, but Fox wouldn’t answer his questions. Instead, he demanded to know whom McAleer works for.

This is a classic diversionary trick. It was obvious that Fox was skilled at it. McAleer didn’t fall for it. It’s all in FrackNation. I’d be glad to loan you my copy. Just let me know and I’ll get it to you.

Fracking is safe.

It’s allowing us to tap into nearly immeasurably large deposits without harm. Here’s Stossel:

The real story on fracking, say scientists, is that the risks are small and the rewards immense. Fracking lowered the price of natural gas so much that Americans heat our homes for less, and manufacturing that once left America has returned. For those concerned about global warming, burning gas instead of oil or coal reduces CO2 emissions.

I saw some greenies protesting against fracking in downtown Colorado Springs.

These people are loonies but they’re serious. They’ve already shut down fracking in New York, Maryland and Vermont. Colorado is next.


Preview FrackNation here.


A graduate of Cornell University and a former investment advisor, Bob is a regular contributor to The New American magazine and blogs frequently at, primarily on economics and politics. He can be reached at

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