Tea Party Panel at the Western Conservative Summit 2010

I was given the privilege and honor to sit on the Tea Party panel at the Western Conservative Summit 2010 in Lone Tree, Colorado last Saturday July 10th, 2010. 

Funny thing is, I’m no fan of the term “tea party” applied as a label to this incredible freedom revival all across our land.  Just wraps it up and constricts it way too tightly!  I covered that briefly, PLUS I got to bring my football and share the big picture vision of the Super Bowl for freedom in 2010. 

I shared the panel with John Eastman, William Owens from the Tea Party Express, and Charles Patricoff from Hear Us Now.  We each offered our own unique perspectives to the movement that will stop the liberal agenda in its tracks. 

Coalition for a Conservative Majority was a co-sponsor of the event with a booth promoting the Colorado Right to Health Care Choice ballot initiative.

The Centennial Institute was the organizer of this incredible event.  The list of speakers was phenomenal, and each delivered inspiration, truth, and information we all took with us to turn this state and nation red again.  I hear plans are already in the works for the second annual summit in 2011.  I expect it to be every bit as fabulous as the first one. 

Special thanks to John Andrews of the Centennial Institute for giving me the opportunity to sit on the panel, AND for organizing this great event. 

Thanks to Laurie Bratten for the following  photo: 

Thanks to Jimmie Butler for taking the following photos (last 3). 

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