A Note From Mom4Freedom About ObamaCare

It’s been over 100 days since ObamaCare became law of the land.  ObamaCare is the largest, most intrusive, freedom-choking legislation our government has ever passed.  It is THE shoe-in for a Marxist agenda to root within our nation and culture. 

While it will eventually create an overwhelming citizen dependence upon the state, it will simultaneously destroy the most thriving, prosperous, pro-health, and pro-life health care market that has existed in human history.  If allowed to remain law, it will be the largest blow ever taken to our nation’s prosperity, freedom, and quality of life.  It is Marxism wrapped in a package of false hope. 

 An informed citizenry is equipped to act and take ownership of that which is ours.  Because of this, in addition to blogging about the health care battle, I will continue to send health care updates and alerts to you as appropriate.  At the national level, we have leaders in Congress who are taking on the charge to repeal ObamaCare.  At the state level, we have attorneys general who are joining forces in a lawsuit against the federal government based on the unconstitutional aspects of ObamaCare.  Ordinary citizens all across the nation are taking action to push back against ObamaCare.   

In summary, the majority of Americans are opposed to ObamaCare and are taking steps to push it back.  I intend to assist in this effort in every way I can by keeping ordinary Americans informed.  If you would like to receive updates from me, go directly to my Alerts tab and sign up to receive updates directly from me.  Go here now to sign up:  http://www.mom4freedom.com/?page_id=1757

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