joel c rosenberg

Joel C. Rosenberg shares the looming threats to America from North Korea, Russia, and Iran in his latest book “The Persian Gamble”


Iran, North Korea, and Russia each pose very real threats to America, yet each nation has its own pronounced motivations to take deadly action against us.  In spite of their very distinctive political motivations and brands of tyranny, are these 3 nuclear-aspiring nations working together to destroy the United States? …

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Putin’s not bluffing – Joel Rosenberg shares why he does NOT want his book The Kremlin Conspiracy to become tomorrow’s headlines

MM and Joel Rosenberg Kremlin Conspiracy 3-2018 Blog 4

Russian President Vladimir Putin wants us to “listen now,” and calmly warns the world that he’s “not bluffing” about his latest technologically advanced nuclear arsenal which now threatens to strike anywhere in the world. Joel C. Rosenberg joins me to talk about the very real and serious threat that is …

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