Joel C. Rosenberg shares the looming threats to America from North Korea, Russia, and Iran in his latest book “The Persian Gamble”


Iran, North Korea, and Russia each pose very real threats to America, yet each nation has its own pronounced motivations to take deadly action against us.  In spite of their very distinctive political motivations and brands of tyranny, are these 3 nuclear-aspiring nations working together to destroy the United States?

My favorite author Joel C. Rosenberg reveals more about the Iranian motives and the 3 nations’ plausible alliances against America in his latest novel, “The Persian Gamble.”  In his 14th novel, Joel continues to brilliantly weave current events into conceivable worst-case scenarios which blend reality, stirring detailed action, and convincing characters into what are hopefully only fictional outcomes.

Joel joined my show this week to talk about “The Persian Gamble.”  Listen here for more from Joel about the Iranian threat, and to find out why you want to get your copy of this incredible novel.

While “The Persian Gamble” paints the worst-case scenario that could transpire, Joel shares more about the history behind this novel at his blog:

Forty years ago this month, the Shah of Iran was toppled. The Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini surged to power. Iran would soon be declared the world’s first Islamic Republic. And a policy of “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” would set into motion a tragic and bloody era of almost non-stop war and terrorism.

Rather than fizzle out over time, the Islamic Revolution that Khomeini inaugurated has gained momentum, and adherents, even as the Iranian government has gained more deadly technologies, from ballistic missiles capable of reaching Israel and Western Europe — and soon the continental United States — to a nuclear industry that could soon produce fully operational nuclear warheads.

Just this week, the current Supreme Leader — the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei — vowed to assassinate American leaders.

“‘Death to America means death to President Trump, (National Security Advisor) John Bolton, and (Secretary of State Mike) Pompeo,” Khamenei declared. “It means death to American rulers.”

Exactly one month from today, my new political thriller — The Persian Gamble — will release in hardcover, e-book and audio formats. Soon, I’ll announce details of a month-long book tour schedule in which I’ll crisscross the U.S. talking not only about the plot of this new novel but also about the real-life implications of the West’s all-too-often timid and indecisive response to Iran’s murderous, even apocalyptic, mission.

Until then, I do hope you’ll pre-order the novel here or through your favorite online or brick-and-mortar book retailer. And I hope you’ll find helpful this excerpt from a non-fiction book I wrote a decade ago on the early days of the Iranian Revolution…..

I highly recommend getting your copy of “The Persian Gamble” today.  There is nobody else on the planet who can write as Joel can about current events.  As you read you will find yourself asking if the events Joel writes about might be happening now.  You will be inspired to know more, pray for our nation, and you’ll be thoroughly entertained as  you turn the pages on the edge of your seat!  ~ Michelle 

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