internet kill switch

The Internet Kill Switch Bill – Dubious Wordsmithing Designed to Choke Freedom

In the name of defense and safety, the left just has to manage, regulate, and choke anything they can get their power-hungry fingers on.  Now it’s the internet.  Actually, it’s internet access.  Remember that distinction as you read this post.  Senators Joe Lieberman (I-WI), Susan Collins, (R-ME) and Tom Carper (D-DE) have concocted the new internet …

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Join me on the Radio – The Tonya Hall Show

Join me on the radio this week! While THE social media journalist Tonya Hall is traveling the countryside spreading the word about the power of social media, I’ll be guest hosting her Tonya Hall radio show Monday, February 21st and Thursday, February 24th, from 11:00am – noon Mountain time. The Tonya Hall Show is all …

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