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Join me on the radio this week!

While THE social media journalist Tonya Hall is traveling the countryside spreading the word about the power of social media, I’ll be guest hosting her Tonya Hall radio show Monday, February 21st and Thursday, February 24th, from 11:00am – noon Mountain time.

The Tonya Hall Show is all about embracing the power of social media.

Monday will be a mixed bag of social media topics.  We’ll be talking to key members of the Zappos customer loyalty team and learn how Zappos has used the internet and social media to bring Zappos to the forefront of social media success in business.  After Zappos we’ll dive into the internet “kill switch” bill being brought to Congress, and how this bill will affect social media users in the United States, whether they be businesses, organizations, or individuals.

Thursday will focus more on how political activists from both sides of the political spectrum use social media to further their message and influence public policy.  Zennie Abraham and Laurie Bratten will be joining us to discuss both the left and right sides of social media.  Don’t yet know Zennie or Laurie?  You will after Thursday!  We’ll also continue discussing the internet “kill switch” bill and its effects on social media.

Join me on your radio or listen online at Colorado Springs’ own Sports Animal 1300am.

Sports Animal 1300am

Monday 2/21 & Thursday 2/24

1:00pm Eastern Time / 11:00am Mountain Time

Thanks Tonya!

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