Colorado Red Flag

CO Red Flag Law Legalizes Hearsay and Search Parties, Fueled by Bad Actors and Organized Crime Groups

Soviet Flag over Gun with CO Flag over Sickle

The Red Flag law is nothing new.  It is an old tactic used by corrupt governments to confiscate firearms from innocent citizens and secure absolute, tyrannical power.  It creates a snitch society, pitting citizen against citizen on behalf of the state.  In 2019, Colorado’s Democrat legislature and governor crafted this …

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What is Colorado’s Red Flag Law & What Makes it so Dangerous? Meet Hero for Liberty & Weld County Sheriff Steven Reams

Sheriff Reams with CO Flag_edited-1

Colorado’s Red Flag law goes into effect on January 1, 2020.  Officially titled HB 19-1177 “Emergency Risk Protection Order,” or ERPO, this is an incredibly dangerous law which puts Colorado citizens in high risk territory of losing more than just our 2nd Amendment rights.  Also consequentially at risk are our …

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#SaveTheCoSenate — What Will it Take to Save Colorado from Losing our Voice, our Rights, our Freedom? — Red Flag Gun Grab Law passes underneath the radar

No Marxism in Colorado

A barrage of dangerous Marxist ideas are quietly and quickly taking hold here in the Colorado legislature, with one small obstacle in their way:  the single seat GOP majority in the Colorado Senate.  Constitutional rights in Colorado hang by this seat, and the Democrat push to take that seat back …

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