Rick Green from Wallbuilders

This evening I had the privilege of attending a presentation by Rick Green from Wallbuilders.  Rick and his family travel the country inspiring folks to take our nation back to its founding principles.  Rick speaks across the nation on the importance of our concentrated efforts to preserve liberty and pass the torch of freedom to future generations.  He speaks to about 100,000 people in live audiences each year and millions more through radio and television, and has been privileged to share the stage with such noted speakers as Zig Ziglar, Alan Keyes and Peter Lowe.   He is an outspoken advocate of returning to the principles of the Declaration of Independence and continues to inspire audiences through his passionate and moving presentations. 

As a fellow Texan, Christian, conservative, homeschooling parent of 4, and Patriot igniting the spark of liberty in the hearts of the people, I found great company and familiarity with Rick and his family.  If you have opportunity to hear Rick speak or are looking for someone to speak to this subject, I highly recommend Rick Green.

Check out his website here:  www.RickGreen.com

Rick is running for the Texas State Supreme Court, see more here:  www.RickGreen2010.com

The Rick Green Family

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