Obama's warnings to Iran embarrassingly ineffective

 President Obama’s warnings to Iran’s A’jad are embarrassingly ineffective.  I have four children… I know a few things about warnings and action and how they relate to human behavior.  When my children are involved in known bad behavior, I have the option of warning them to stop… or taking immediate disciplinary action. 

As a very busy mother, I’m the first to admit it’s easier to warn and just hope they’ll heed my “strong” words and stop.  But the reality is this: each time I “warn” them, I simply end up buying them more time to involve themselves in that behavior, and the less seriously they take me: mom ends up playing the rambling fool, I lose credibility as an authority figure, and the kids win…the bad behavior continues.   

However, when I stop what I’m doing (as inconvenient or painful as that usually is) and take immediate disciplinary action, I definitely get their attention.  They take me seriously.  More often than not my child stops the behavior.  Pretty simple human nature here. 

Likewise with Iran… a basic understanding of this human nature tells us that President Obama’s warnings will prove to be ineffective.  The longer Obama “warns” A’jad to knock it off, the more time he is buying A’jad to build his nuke(s)…  the more we play the fool… and the more dangerous this world becomes as a very serious and determined man prepares to annihilate both Israel and the United States of America.  Obama’s foolishness is an embarrassment to our country, and a very dangerous one at that. 

God help us as our President seeks to be the popular guy on this world stage.  

“U.S. and Allies Warn Iran Over Nuclear ‘Deception’” by David E. Sanger New York Times September 25, 2009: 

A'jad 9-25-09


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