9/28/09 URGENT Health Care Alert & Update

Hi Everyone – Word on the street is that the Senate Finance Committee could vote on a health care document as early as Tuesday 9/29/09.  Act now to stop them… Help me blitz them with letters and calls to put a stop to this outrageous, freedom-quenching legislation.  Every contact you make counts! 

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Join the cause:  www.causes.com/StopObamaHealthCare

Take action today!!!

 1)       Contact the Senate Finance Committee Members via phone/fax/email.  Tell them NO Government-run healthcare!  Exert extra pressure on Republican members (especially Senator Snowe) and remind them NO compromise… NO healthcare negotiations… absolutely NO form of government health care!

Democrat Senate Finance Committee Members

Republican Senate Finance Committee Members

2)      Next, contact your 2 US Senators with same message.  Every Senator needs to hear from America now!  Use this website for quick contact information:  http://www.congressmerge.com/onlinedb/index.htm

Are you using Twitter? 

 Go to Operation Senate Overload on Healthcare and tweet your message to Senators today: http://tinypaste.com/657ac

 Exactly why do I need to contact Senators today?  Read these links…

And pray…. 

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