Obamacare: Color-Coded Maps of Senate & House Vote Results

Here are our nation’s true political colors.  The vote for Obamacare was the most devastating Congressional vote ever taken to choke freedom in the United States of America. 

Check out these maps I’ve borrowed from Wikipedia (and if you read the Wikipedia summary version provisions of the bill, it’s all peaches and cream for the people… and deals with those nasty insurance companies… read the Wikipeda entry only with discernment). 

See what color your state is.  And make no mistake about it… a YES vote for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ie, Obamacare) was a vote to fundamentally shift our nation away from our founding principles and kill capitalism, freedom, and individual rights.  A YES vote was a vote to choke your personal freedom and give ultimate power over your life to the federal government.  Plain and simple.

Press on for freedom.  Never, ever give up. 

111th Congress – The Obamacare Senate Roll Call



BLUE =  Two Democratic yeas

PURPLE =  One Democratic yea, one Republican nay

ORANGE =  One Republican nay, one Republican not voting

RED =  Two Republican nays

111TH Congress – The Obamacare House Roll Call by District

DARK BLUE = Democratic yea
LIGHT BLUE = Democratic nay
RED = Republican nay
WHITE = No representative seated
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