Colorado's Independence Day Tribute 2012


Found this on my Facebook newsfeed tonight.  It’s exactly what I and many other Colorado friends have been thinking  and praying on this Independence Day.  It couldn’t be more perfect.


Colorado’s Independence Day Tribute 2012

Written by Jay-Michael Baker

July 4, 2012

Along the east coast they’re sailing on the bays, admiring national monuments, relaxing on the beaches–sparklers, BBQs, spectacular fireworks shows, and good friends.

Here in the west we pause with thanksgiving. We thank those who saved our homes from fires, those who protected our homes from looters when we were evacuated, those who came together to donate their time, food and money–we thank our firefighters, police, and neighbors. Most importantly, we thank God for his mercy, protection, and strength through the storm.

All throughout Colorado in the past few months over 500 homes were lost. Three lives were lost. Some of our beautiful vistas and canyons were scorched barren. But we continue to persevere with open hearts, clear eyes, and optimism. Despite the challenges, clouds have cooled the afternoon air, rain has begun to wash away tears, and our state has rallied behind our own who have lost it all.

In Colorado we celebrate freedom with friends, family, good food, and a reverent praise to God, awe for natural wonders like roaring wildfires, and the selfless service and coming together of our neighbors in the hour of need.

All throughout this great United States bombs are bursting in the air in celebration of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Instead of fireworks, our smoldering mountains are a sobering symbol of all that comes together to make our country great.

As we move forward and heal, as a grateful people, we continue to live the American dream with confidence in God Almighty, and hope and thanksgiving for the blessings of liberty. God bless Colorado, and may He continue to bless our beloved and great United States of America.

Written by Jay-Michael Baker

July 4, 2012

Pueblo, CO


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