Merry Christmas

It has been requested by those closest to me that I resist posting or discussing anything political today… let’s see if I can do that. 

In the spirit of this beautiful Christmas Eve day (in spite of what the leftist Scrooges did to choke our freedoms this morning), I want to share some of our family’s favorite Christmas artists and songs.  If you were to visit our home anytime during December, these are some of the sounds you would hear (thanks to the various YouTube folks who created most of these): 

Christ came to earth, His creation, and humbly took on the form of a man.  He was born of a virgin in a manger as King of Kings, yet even His own did not receive Him as King.  He lived a sinless life… not the life of a King, but of a lowly and humble Servant.  He obediently suffered and died a horrific death on the Cross so that sinners like you and me could have reconciliation with our Creator.  This Season we celebrate the birth of our Savior… truly the most indescribeable and incredible Gift ever given or received.  Without His birth, death and resurrection all is hopeless.  He is the object of my hope and faith. 

Current events ebb and flow, both in good and bad directions from our limited understanding. In the very end, what happens here on earth will pale in comparison to eternity… an understatement, to say the least.  There is so much joy to be had, no matter what goes on around us.  It is a beautiful season, indeed. 

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Okay, I tried… 🙂

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