Join me for LIVE RNC Updates Direct from the Delegates

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Get inside updates from our delegates on the RNC floor.

I’m going to Tampa to help launch Social Media Command Center directly from the Freedom Trailer at the Republican National Convention.  I’ll be teaming up with other tweeps and members of the Colorado, Texas, and Arizona delegations, and together we’ll be sharing directly from the delegates inside the convention.


Follow the Freedom Trailer and stay informed.

Twitter –> #CoRNC and #TxRNC and #AzRNC

Radio updates –> Listen online or on your Colorado Springs radio dial at 1580am KREL.

I’ll also be posting here to my blog as well as on Facebook.  Check back often!

The Mission of the Social Media Command Center Freedom Trailer

The Challenge…..
How do we take inside information to people all across the country so they may be empowered with knowledge of what happens at the Republican National Convention when we know the media is not on our side?

The Answer…..
We create the environment for good content to be developed from the ground up and pushed out by the people actually onsite using social media. The Social Media Command Center Freedom Trailer will be onsite set up to teach attendees and Republican activists how to aggregate and disseminate information produced at the event to reach the passive majority of Americans.  We have set up across the country over 30 Communication Teams ready to push out content produced from the convention.

The Result……..
By onsite training of the attendees to push out content using social media we will be empowering Americans all across the nation with information and knowledge they will then pass onto their friends and neighbors resulting in an informed electorate. This strategy will reverse the stronghold of power brokered by the Democrats and their PR campaigns and big media connections, taking America back to a Constitutional based government where power is in the hands of the people determined by their informed vote.

Special Thanks…..
A special “Thank you” to Alice Linahan at Voices Empower for putting the Social Media Command Center together.
A special “Thank you” to Keith Kelly the Texas Patriots Tea Party ~ We The People for providing the Freedom Trailer in Tampa!!
A special “Thank you” to Foster Friess for donating the LapTops for the Command Center! Check out his Campfire Blow at

Now we just need “YOU” Information Pushers!!

Please join us in using #TxRNC and #CoRNC and #AzRNC to help get the real stories out.


Michelle Morin is a conservative blogger and speaker for freedom and America’s founding principles. Join her for updates here.


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