First Test Vote On ObamaCare Was Wednesday – Socialism Lost!

Excellent news as the Senate takes its first stab at opening the door to Obama’s socialized medicine!  Never doubt your efforts – We the People are making an impact!  The following compilation of links is taken in its entirety from the Senate Republicans Communications Center



Media Says Dems “Lost The First Floor Battle Of The Healthcare Reform Debate,” “A Bigger Loss Than Supporters Expected,” “Wholesale Defection By Democrats”


NEW YORK TIMES: “Democrats Lost A Big Vote On Health Care.” “Democrats lost a big test vote on health care legislation on Wednesday as the Senate blocked action on a bill to increase Medicare payments to doctors at a cost of $247 billion over 10 years.” (“Democrats Lose Big Test Vote On Health Legislation,” The New York Times, 10/22/09)


LOS ANGELES TIMES: “But The Setback For Reid Represented A Warning About The Unpredictable Road Ahead For The Far More Controversial And Expensive Propositions At The Core Of President Obama’s Healthcare Overhaul.” (“Senate Blocks Medicare Payment Bill,” Los Angeles Times, 10/22/09)


WALL STREET JOURNAL: “The Defeat Could Make It More Difficult For Lawmakers To Win Support For The Broader Health Overhaul From Doctors.” (“Vote On Medicare Payment Cuts Divides Democrats,” The Wall Street Journal, 10/22/09)


THE HILL: “Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) Lost The First Floor Battle Of The Healthcare Reform Debate Wednesday When 12 Democrats And One Independent Joined All Republicans To Defeat A Bill To Halt Medicare Cuts Affecting Doctors.” (“Miscalculation Delivers Loss On Medicare Doc Fix For Majority Leader Reid,” The Hill, 10/22/09)


POLITICO: “The Vote Was A Bigger Loss Than Supporters Expected. The fact that Democrats, who hold a 60-vote majority, could not muster even 51 votes for the bill is a sign of rocky sledding ahead for health care. It is a warning shot that even popular legislation — most lawmakers support the doc fix — could be easily bogged down if it is viewed as a deficit busting vote. And comprehensive health care reform is anything but widely popular in Congress.” (“Senate Fails To Move Doc Fix,” Politico, 10/21/09)


ROLL CALL: “Inauspicious Start For Democratic Leaders To The Formal Floor Debate On The Larger Health Care Overhaul.” “The Senate soundly defeated a $250 billion extension to the Medicare physician payment program Wednesday, marking a potentially inauspicious start for Democratic leaders to the formal floor debate on the larger health care overhaul.” (“Senate Hands Reid A Defeat On ‘Doc Fix’,” Roll Call, 10/21/09)


CQ: “That Was The First Wholesale Defection By Democrats On A Cloture Motion This Year. Until Wednesday, the largest number of Democrats voting against any of the 27 efforts to limit debate had been three.” (“Reid’s Worst Defection Of Year Heartens Health Bill Opponents,” CQ, 10/21/09)


WASHINGTON POST: “The Senate Found Rare Bipartisan Agreement On A Health-Care Issue Wednesday As 13 Democrats Joined All 40 Republicans To Block A Permanent Repeal Of Medicare’s Payment Formula For Doctors.” (“Senate Keeps Medicare Payment Formula,” The Washington Post, 10/22/09)

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