Defeat Obama's Summit Stunt

The Scott Brown win for freedom in Massachusetts temporarily derailed Obamacare’s socialized freight train… but just long enough for the President to regroup with Reid and Pelosi, and strategize anew. 

Now that the Brown victory thwarted what would have been the traditional 60-vote passage of health care, they have crafted a new tactic.  Tomorrow President Obama is hosting an all-day, televised, bi-partisan health care summit.  It’s a theatrical attempt to refresh the health care “crisis,” and stage the Republicans as heartless goons who have neither solutions nor sympathy for Americans without health insurance.  

The President has challenged the Republicans to fix a “crisis” that he and his leftist ancestors have shrewdly created for the past 50 years.  He is re-creating the crisis of “Americans without health insurance,” while craftily painting the picture that Republicans are unreasonable if they don’t come to the summit table with real solutions to his crisis. 

This in the name of “transparency” and “bi-partisanship.”  Talk about a setup. 

And to follow Obama’s public relations stunt, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can pull out the budget reconciliation option anytime he’s ready, which means only a simple majority is needed to pass the “new” healthcare bill Obama is proposing… essentially cancelling the Scott Brown effect.  This is the crooked liberal way to win Obamacare. 

In the trenches, Obama has also mobilized his own grassroots following to rally around his effort, and his organization is actively recruiting 10,000,000 volunteer hours to support candidates in favor of Obamacare.  But we the people can defeat these combined efforts with a little grassroots public relations campaign of our own.   

What You Must Do Now


President Obama’s manipulative publicity stunt must be countered with effective action from you.  Never underestimate the power of YOU… you are an American who loves freedom…and freedom won’t be stopped.  The power of that freedom starts with you.  I urge you to do 2 things, read both action items carefully: 

1)       CALL YOUR SENATORS.  Contact both your US Senators and tell them NO healthcare and NO reconciliation process.  Tell them you want them to start over and give America REAL reform based on free markets and free choice.  Tell them that if they vote “yes” on Obama’s health care bill, we the American people will see that they’re out next election.  Find their contact information at Congress Merge here

But wait… you say, “they’re not listening!”  They’ll listen when their name is in print alongside their unpopular words supporting health care.  If your Congressman insists on a “yes” vote for health care, document their words, and then….

2)      WRITE A LETTER TO THE EDITOR.  Speak up and influence both your Congressman and public opinion in your community!  Write a letter to the editor of your local paper.  Congressmen read them, as does everyone else… especially when you mention them by name and quote them.  Go to the Coalition for a Conservative Majority website to learn more about writing an effective letter. 

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