Congressman Paul Ryan Gets It

It’s refreshing to hear our lawmakers taking leadership roles and speaking about the real issues in the health care battle… Congressman Paul Ryan is one of those leaders who gets it.  Read the February 2010 Imprimis article adapted from a speech Congressman Ryan delivered on January 13, 2010 at a Hillsdale College event. 

Some excerpts:

“The ongoing debate over healthcare…is about what the principle of that reform ought to be.”

“Government’s constitutional obligations in regard to protecting such rights are normally met by establishing the conditions for free markets – markets which historically provide an abundance of goods and services, at an affordable cost, for the largest number.”

“…placing control of health care in the hands of government bureaucrats is not compassionate.  Bureaucrats don’t make decisions about health care according to personal need or preference;  they ration resources according to a dolla-driven social calculus.”

“The very idea of government-run health care conflicts with the American idea of a free society and the constitutional priniciples underlying it – the principles of individual rights and free markets.  And from a practical perspective it makes no sense, given that our current health care system is the best in the world – even drawing patients from other advanced countries that have suffered by adopting the government-run model.”

“Americans take pride in self-government, which entails providing for their own well-being and the well-being of their families in a free society.  In exchange for this, the promoters of government-run health care would make them passive subjects, dependent on handouts and far more concerned about security than liberty.”


And make sure you check out the four measures he outlines to reform the current health care system – measures that would revolutionize what we have today.  Read the article here.

Here, check out Congressman Ryan boldly and articulately taking on the President at the February 25th health care summit:

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