The Church of the State and the Denver Inquisition Against People of Faith

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Colorado State House Representative Salazar has insulted the deeply held beliefs and intelligence of the majority of Colorado citizens through a series of historical distortions, attacks on the motivations of Christians, and ultimately the traditional Biblically based worship of God.  On 9 March, I listened as Salazar acted as the State’s Head Inquisitor when the Democrat-controlled “State Military and Veterans Affairs” committee attacked HB15-1171, a bill introduced to reinforce religious freedom in Colorado.

Representative Salazar is not an unintelligent man, so his assertions in the committee hearing  are the willful distortions of someone so indoctrinated into the leftist Church of the State that he only sees people of faith as heretics who must be purged, or at least controlled, if they challenge State rule.

This is only the latest example of the manifestation of Salazar’s devotion to his religion of the State. He gained national attention in February 2013 when he faithfully argued against the sacrilege of our 2nd Amendment and for denying women the tools necessary to defend themselves against rape because, he claims, they are incapable of deciding on their own if they are being threatened.  Here’s what Salazar said back in 2013 (video here):

“And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop … pop around at somebody”

Yes, Salazar is a devoted practitioner of his faith.

But I digress.  During last week’s committee hearing on HB15-1171, Salazar’s questions for supporters of the bill were ignominious, and clearly his intent was to elevate the State and diminish biblical principles.  Taking his cue from the President, who desperately went back to the Crusades to attack Christians, Salazar himself continually went backwards for examples of people using religion to “treat people cruelly.”

He asserted repeatedly that if Colorado reinforces religious freedom we will slip back to a time where inter-racial marriages were refused, when people were denied housing based on race, and where presumably “scarlet letters” will become required apparel for many.  What is the basis for his arguments taken from his words in committee? It was that people of faith are bigoted, immoral, and a hindrance to the advancement of civil society whom, if not forced behind the walls of their places of worship, will turn Colorado into a medieval fundamentalist hell hole.

It is true America has a past where minorities where horribly discriminated against; it was institutionalized within government.  Predominately, the Democrat Party controlled southern governments.  However, those affronts to God’s principles were brought to the forefront by the civil rights movement and those unbiblical practices were ended.  It’s critical to understand that the movement succeeded through the Word of God working through America’s churches to challenge abuses sanctioned by governments, just as our American founding and revolution were sparked from the pulpits of our Christian houses of worship.

Representative Salazar’s assertion that it is the institution of government which ensures that people are not “treated cruelly” is a massive distortion of history.  His claim that unchecked people of faith will revert to practicing the ungodly ideals of Democrat US Senator Robert Byrd’s youth is an insult to every person of faith in Colorado and disparages those courageous individuals who stood against the oppression of the past.  Salazar denies the historical facts of Churches in molding our civil society and in keeping the tyranny of government at bay.

There were others who came forward to heap praises at the altar of the State during the HB15-1171 testimony. Inexplicably, the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce testified that “millennials” will shun Colorado because the intent of HB15-1171 sends a signal that the people of Colorado do not want them to come and enjoy the many blessings our state has been granted, a claim implying young professionals are against religious freedom, free speech, and perhaps God.  When asked by a fellow committee member if there are any studies the Chamber can point to in verifying those claims, the spokesman admitted he could not. His testimony self-sacrificed his credibility at the altar for the hoped for blessings of the State.

For Representative Salazar to claim that Coloradoans will use their faith to persecute others unless government controls the public practice of their religion is an attack against anyone who believes in liberty and freedom.  Salazar is a true believer; a fellow traveler to all who adhere to the Religion of the State. He is a devoted follower and Grand Inquisitor for the Democrat State Inquisition.

Don Rodgers has been an influential political activist and leader in Colorado for 8 years.   He is the founder, leader, and organizer of the local 9-12 Project Pikes Peak Patriots, and a military veteran.  Find Don on Twitter and Facebook.

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