A Proud Nanny Gloats about the Choke

If you’re in the business of fundamentally transforming America away from its Constitutional roots, and if you’re into a progressively more Marxist society, you have a lot to celebrate. 

Watch Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius star in her 2010 HHS Year in Review video (below).  Then read her press release outlining her 2010 “achievements” – all 15 of them. 

It was a “banner  year” for Sebelius to stretch out her powerful hands and add “value” to our lives.  The video is a feel-good-because-your-nanny-is-taking-care-of-you production, complete with upbeat music to smoothly roll her praises into our ears. 

The Video

Here’s the video, if you can stand to watch all 6 minutes of it.  If not, skip over it for excerpts and my responses.  Then listen to my final thoughts, a one-minute audio clip at the end of this post. 

Excerpts from the Video

The Dream of the Affordable Care Act:  Sebelius says, “It [ObamaCare] basically set the platform for all Americans to have access to affordable health care … and … better quality care and lower costs at the same time.”

Now for the truth:  Since ObamaCare was signed into law in March 2010, we’ve seen health insurance premiums skyrocket, child health insurance plans removed, and life-extending drugs removed from the FDA’s approval list. Read the truth about ObamaCare’s implementation here


Tobacco Use is What’s Killing Us?  Sebelius says, “We know that smoking kills people … so this effort is really to make sure we save lives … very dramatic changes in cigarette packages themselves and use every tool available to make sure that this public health crisis of 20% of our population continuing to smoke gets a lot better.”

Ahem… Tobacco is not my enemy.  If you really want to save my life, turn your attention to our international enemies, quit ratifying international New START treaties that make wimps out of us (more on that here from the Heritage Foundation), and do something real, effective, and strong to prevent both nuclear and terrorist attacks on American soil.  THAT will save my life and the lives of my loved ones.


America’s Sorry Obese Kids Need the Child Nutrition Act:  Sebelius says, “1 out of every 3 American children right now is overweight or obese … this is a challenge that we’ve really gotta take very seriously.”

THAT’S our challenge???  Did I miss the chapter in my history books where our founding fathers fought against the British king so parents could keep their kids fit and trim? 


About HHS:  Sebelius says, “We provide essential human services and at a time of great economic turmoil weve seen the demand on those services increase even further. … It’s a … wonderful agency … in 2011 … there are gonna be lots of opportunities to make a positive difference in the lives of Americans.”

WHOA!!!  Enough already!  I didn’t ask for this nanny, and I don’t want this nanny.  Yet, she’s in a very powerful position where she can determine the “value” she adds to my life.  Not only can she seek more opportunities, but she’s powerful enough to make opportunities and enforce them.

This is When I’ll Celebrate

When I see a year in review video listing the elimination of unconstitutional bureaucracies like HHS…. and when unelected and unaccountable nannies like Sebelius are out of a job… and when America’s government is actually protecting Americans’ freedoms… instead of saving us from ourselves (and choking all of us in the process)… when I see a year in review video listing all of these achievements… THEN I’ll be celebrating. 

Let’s keep our eyes on the ball and move this nation back to its roots. 

2012… here we come.

Listen to Michelle’s final thoughts here!

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