2010 Kick-Off Rally – What I Had to Say

Special thanks to 912 Pikes Peak Patriots for sponsoring last week’s 2010 Kick-Off Rally in Colorado Springs.  Don, you and your group are incredible patriots, as are Jarred Rego, Kevin Tebedo, Cheri Ofner and Rich Owen.  And all the folks who attended are the best I know.

Also, thanks to Rick Green for sharing with me his “perfect candidate” illustration… powerful!

I was a speaker at the event, and this is what I had to say.



So, are you ready to take it all back?

Now is the time.

We’re in a battle.  And it’s all about freedom.  For decades, we’ve allowed lawmakers at all levels of government to pass bills that continue to choke freedoms in almost every aspect of our lives.

But… if we act now, we have what I consider to be an incredible opportunity to dramatically turn back to our founding principles and preserve freedom.


You want to be free to speak without legal repercussions…

You want to be free to raise your kids how you deem necessary… without someone else telling you how to do it…

You want to be free to protect yourself… and buy and own guns as you see fit… without someone tracking your purchases…

You want to be free to prosper… to own and operate your business without heavy regulations that choke your revenues dry…

In every area of your lives, You want to be free to make your own choices within the Constitutional boundaries set by our founding fathers.

You want freedom.  I want freedom.  We all want freedom and liberty.  But Freedom can ever rest if it is to be preserved.  It must always be protected… always on the defense… historically there are always forces seeking to crush it, and today is no different.

Speaking of history, I wonder when the last time the United States has seen such high numbers of citizen involvement in the political process… Look around you… patriots abound.  Times are uncertain.  Freedom is being threatened.  But the great thing is, I believe this has created an opportunity we can and must seize to revive our founding principles and protect freedom.


I want to talk a little strategy now, particularly for my friends who are frustrated with the Republican party:

I am speaking as Michelle Morin, Mom4Freedom… not representing any organization.

Some years ago, the opposition was quoted saying “we are in a battle for the soul of the Republican Party.”  And battle they did.  In 2004, starting right here in Colorado, shrewd liberal activists developed a political strategy now dubbed the “Colorado Model,” whereby some of the most conservative candidates at all levels of government, and across many states, have been politically eliminated out of what should have been strong, “easy-win” campaigns.  The result:  many conservative pillars of the Republican party were knocked out, further weakening a party that had already begun losing its legislative punch in the US Congress.

If conservative pillars were knocked out, what was left?  Moderates that don’t necessarily reflect the Republican platform?

With that in mind, jump forward to now.

I talk to many of you who are justifiably frustrated and upset with today’s Republican party.  Some of you have left the Republican or Democrat party and registered as Unaffiliated.  And some of you may be considering it that same decision.  I know because I talk to you.

But think about this… wouldn’t it be extra nice for the opposition if… not only could they take out the pillars, but… if that tactic would then have the added effect of dividing the Republican party?  And wouldn’t dividing one party in a two-party system have the consequent effect of conquering that party?  We’re in a governmental system designed for 2 parties… so wouldn’t that divide and conquer strategy mathematically give victory to the intact liberal party in a two-party system?

With that in mind, If we jump ship, is it possible that have we have become a tool in the hand of the opposition?

Let’s make sure WE use tools to further advance the conservative cause.  NOT BECOME power tools in the hands of the opposition!

As conservatives, we’ve been in a defensive position.  Now is our time to get out of that position… and take this opportunity to get on the offense… let’s seize the opportunity before us and take it back.


Think about a piece of fabric.  Look closely and you’ll see that fabric is comprised of and interwoven with many threads.  If we pull out any single thread in a piece of fabric, we weaken the whole fabric.  Keep pulling out single threads and eventually your fabric unravels into something weak and useless.  Neither the unraveled fabric that is left has strength, nor do the individual threads that are out.

Likewise, conservatism, like our founding principles, is a fabric made up of many threads.  Each thread represents a single issue.  When as a movement or ideology, we start picking and choosing only social issues, only fiscal issues, or only whatever-else issues, the strength of our conservative founding principles are compromised… unraveled… until we’re left with unraveled ideology… an unraveled movement… and a multitude of single issues that in and of themselves ultimately can’t stand alone to preserve freedom.

Each thread of conservatism is, in some way, wholly dependent on all the threads.  Our founding fathers knew this.  Capitalism, national defense, morality, strength, absolutes… each is interwoven and dependent upon the others for the entire founding fabric of our nation and our freedoms to stay intact.  Every issue (social, fiscal, whatever) must be defended based on our conservative founding principles.

Likewise… as conservatives, we can’t afford to unravel if we’re going to turn this state back to a conservative red in November.


With that fabric in mind, let’s think about candidates.  Right now, the caucus process is the most critical and powerful tool you can use to directly affect the outcome in November, and ultimately to affect our freedoms.  There are many candidates from which to choose.  Some may or may not embrace every thread you want them to.  And I can guarantee you with absolute certainty that not everyone in this room is going to agree on the same candidate.

I encourage you:  Pick your pick your candidate… commit to the caucus…  and do everything you can to get him or her on the ballot in November.  When the primaries are done and the final candidate is on the ballot for your party… it’s a sure thing that for some of us, our candidate of choice won’t be that pick for the November election.

When this happens… which it will… some of you may be tempted to throw in the towel and say “Forget it, my candidate  didn’t win, so I’m not voting.  If it means I have to now vote for the lesser of two evils, I won’t do it.”

I challenge you ahead of time to keep the big picture in mind…. The fabric I mentioned.  This is about freedom.  And taking our nation back to its founding principles.  Our founding fathers understood the nature of man… James Madison even said, “men are no angels.”  Speaking as a Christian, I can say this:  When you vote… unless Jesus Himself is on the ballot, you are ALWAYS voting for the lesser of two evils.  Don’t play into the hands of the left.  Do not stay home in November if your candidate doesn’t make it on the ballot.  Freedom is at stake.  And once lost, it may not be recoverable.

We must keep our eyes on the ball.  I’m not suggesting compromise… I’m talking about long term strategy.

This election season is an opportunity for all of us, even candidates.  As far as conservative candidates go, it is very possible we’ll end up with those we perceive as “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  If we don’t end up with the exact candidates we want… at this stage in our history, it probably can’t be avoided.  If we haven’t gotten involved until now, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Let’s work with what we have and do our best.  Get involved.  Stay involved.  Don’t give up.  And in time, we’ll get both our candidates and our legislation back to those conservative founding principles.  And freedom will prevail.

Now you know you have the power to effect your freedom and liberty. Against all odds, our founding fathers birthed this nation 234 years ago.  Because of their example and precedent, I am confident we can defend it and bring it back to those same principles… we can win the souls of the American people for Truth, liberty and freedom.

“With all the creative energy at our command, let’s begin an era of national renewal.  Let us renew our determination, our courage, and our strength.  And let us renew our faith and our hope…  To believe that together, with God’s help, we can and will resolve the problems which now confront us.  And after all, why shouldn’t we believe that?  We are Americans!”  ~ Ronald Reagan

Ladies and gentlemen, with the caucus system, we have an incredible opportunity and tool before us that only a few states have.  Understand the power of the caucus system.  Pick up this tool and and use it to advance freedom and defeat the left.

Starting right here in Colorado, may God bless America.


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  1. Chris January 17, 2010 at 3:39 pm #

    Great job, Michelle. I wish I would have been there. Thanks for publishing your remarks–you’re absolutely correct. We’re lucky this year in Colorado because, across the board, we have high-quality conservative candidates running for some very important positions. I have policy differences with each of the candidates I’m supporting, but I realize that they have the best chance at winning and bringing conservative change to Colorado. Both McInnis and Maes, Norton and Buck, and on down the ballot, we have some articulate Republicans who are able to speak for the majority of Coloradoans who are, I believe, red state voters. The polls show a huge year for the GOP in Colorado in November. A red state is a real possibility. But we’ve got to stay united.


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