10/06/09 URGENT Health Care Alert

Call these 11 Senators today… and keep calling until the health care battle is over.


WHY is this so URGENT??? 

The Democratic health care strategy brings our fight against nationalized health care down to the wire:  Some form of a nationalized health care bill will come to the Senate floor for a full vote any day.  When the full Senate takes it up, the Democrats need 60 votes to invoke cloture, which would close off the floor health care debate.  As it stands now, they have those 60 votes!   We must knock those 60 votes down and stop nationalized health care! 

If the Democrats successfully invoke cloture, then all they need are 51 votes to to pass the health care bill! 

HOW is this happening so quickly?

It’s being called the “Vapor Bill,” and it’s being pushed right now… this is the Democrats’ plan to pass a health care bill by the end of October, or sooner!  Basically, the two Senate Finance Committees (Senate Finance and HELP) are jointly writing the health care bill and it will be considered before the full Senate at any time.  Then, Senator Reid will push for a House-passed tax measure so the House won’t prevent the Senate from originating a tax bill…then health care gets added as an amendment to the tax bill, and Reid does everything he can to shut down debate and place a bill on President Obama’s desk before end of October. 

Confused yet?  It’s by design… it’s typical high-minded liberal shenanigans at its best.  For a summary of their strategy, read The Rise of the Vapor Bill – Call Your Senator Now to Stop It  and The Vapor Bill – Congress’ Secret Plan to Pass ObamaCare Update

Here’s WHO you need to call now… and keep calling them until this battle is over:

The following 11 Senators are being called “Blue Dogs,” essentially meaning their vote could be swayed.  Sway them!!!  It’s time to ratchet up the pressure on them to vote against any version of government health care!  Call, fax, email, tweet, blog, post… share this information with others and call these Senators today!

TELL THEM, in no uncertain terms…  

  • NO public option. 
  • NO individual mandate. 
  • NO Massachusetts Model. 
  • NO Single Payer. 
  • NO Co-Ops.
  •  NO Government Healthcare for the USA!



Trouble using any contact links I’ve provided above?  Go to Congress Merge to find detailed information for each Senator:  http://www.congressmerge.com/onlinedb/index.htm

usamap Congress Merge


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And please continue praying that this freedom-choking government health care effort will be thwarted…

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  1. Linda K Giebelhaus October 17, 2009 at 10:59 am #

    Thank you for your information. I appreciate it and find it valuable – esp. the links and ability to respond quick.y. Thank you!


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