Wisconsin GOP Senators Stop the Union Power Slurp off Taxpayers

When I see a smart play by Republicans I just have to share it. 

On Wednesday, Wisconsin Republican State Senators out-maneuvered the cowardly Democrats who fled their state in an embarrassing attempt to block a quorum and subsequent vote against unions’ collective bargaining rights. 

In its original form, the budget reform bill at issue contained both spending and collective bargaining legislation. 

Cowardly AWOL Democrats?  No problem.  

The Wisconsin Senate only needs a quorum present for budget bills.  Really, the issue here is the unchecked “bargaining” power the unions have held over Wisconsin taxpayers via their collective bargaining “rights.” 

So… The GOP got smart and took full advantage of the Democrats’ absence.  They stripped out all budget and spending language, left the collective bargaining piece intact, and quickly passed a committee bill that strips almost all collective bargaining rights from Wisconsin government employees. 

What a sweet move.  No more union power-slurping off Wisconsin taxpayers. 

The bill goes to the State Assembly on Thursday. 

Read more about it at FoxNews and the Associated Press.

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