Waldo the "Firestorm of Epic Proportion" – PIX, VIDEO, INFO Tuesday 6/26/12

4:50pm - From Chapel Hills Mall

Late in day 4 of the Colorado Waldo Canyon Fire, the Colorado Springs Fire Department Chief Rich Brown said that today, Waldo became a “firestorm of epic proportion.”  I liken it to our own Colorado Springs 9-11.

First photo today at 3:00pm… 

3:00pm – From Black Forest – Fire had not yet crested ridge into Colorado Springs neighborhoods

At 4:00pm from the Chapel Hills Mall, drastically turns perilous…

4:00pm – From Chapel Hills Mall looking at Mountain Shadows & Peregrine

4:05pm – Sky Above Chapel Hills Mall

By 4:50 flames visible, and they were moving fast…  right into Mountain Shadows…

4:50pm – From Chapel Hills Mall – Flames now visible and WAY too close to Mountain Shadows & Peregrine

Others who were in Mountain Shadows saw this…

Quickly approaching Mountain Shadows from Flying W Ranch Road – h/t KKTV11News & Rylie Larimer

And from north of Colorado Springs near the Air Force Academy…

Approaching Mountain Shadows, the scar, and soon Peregrine. h/t @mszdub 6/26/12

Back in Mountain Shadows…

Even closer to Mountain Shadows from Centennial Boulevard 6/26/12 h/t @DenverPost, @AllieBennington

Within minutes, smoke smothered all of northwest Colorado Springs…

5:20pm – From Black Forest – Heavy smoke descends upon entire NW part of Colorado Springs

A few miles east, the Black Forest got smothered, too…

5:40pm – From Black Forest – Smoke had reached BF with less than 1/4 mile visibility by 5:30, cleared by 5:40

Then winds shifted everything back the way it came…

6:05pm – From Black Forest – Winds shifted blowing smoke towards South. True color here, no editing.

6:10pm – From Black Forest – Winds continued shifting smoke South away from BF

6:40pm – Red sun from Black Forest

Behind the blanket of smoke, Waldo’s insatiable fury and devastation…

6/26/12 Mountain Shadows on Fire – h/t Denver Post

6/26/12 Wilson United Methodist Church at Flying W Ranch Road near Centennial

Colorado Springs burning – Night of 6/26/12 – h/t Megan Zengerle @megzenger

From the front lines against Waldo on Rossmere Drive 6/26/12 – h/t @TheWxMeister KRDONews13 Storm Tracker Matt Meister

 The mandatory evacuation map.  32,000 residents evacuated.

Mandatory Evacuation Map night of 6/26/12 h/t @SpringsGov

Video shot from atop Ute Valley Park as the fire burns Mountain Shadows.  h/t @DenverPost

 And while the fire burns in Mountain Shadows from local @Fox21News…

15,324 acres burned through today and 5% containment.

Onto Wednesday…


Other Waldo Links

MUST-SEE:  KRDO13 Storm Tracker Matt Meister’s 3-D High-Resolution VIDEO of Waldo’s Tuesday eruption into Colorado Springs here.

LISTEN to the Colorado Springs and El Paso County Fire and EMS Scanners online here.

Get the latest incident statistics on the Waldo Canyon Fire at the Incident Information System “InciWeb” here.

Comprehensive community information about donation/volunteer locations, closures, Red Cross shelters, reverse 911 registration and much more at www.SpringsGov.com.

Joint Information Center Phone Numbers:   719-629-7322    720-402-7935    720-202-4510    720-237-9947    720-237-3417


You never want it to happen to your community.

Yet here it is.  Surreal.  Heart-breaking.

May God pour His mercy and blessing upon our burning city.  May our hearts, eyes, and ears turn to Him.  And  may God bless and protect our local leadership and firefighters who are bravely fighting this epic beast named Waldo.  And please send rain…


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